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26 Jul 2016
Dover ferry port in chronic traffic jam chaos

21 Jul 2016
Holidaymakers prefer to travel with their phone rather than loved one or family member

18 Jul 2016
Tourism surge causes Mallorca to struggle

13 Jul 2016
Heard of Google Street View - but have you heard of Sheep View?

12 Jul 2016
Tui coach crashes injuring more than 10 in Majorca

8 Jul 2016
Are Brits putting their foreign holidays on hold because of Brexit?

5 Jul 2016
Is Airbnb ruining cities by putting too much strain upon them?

1 Jul 2016
German tourist falls to his death after attempting to take selfie at Machu Picchu

30 Jun 2016
Warnings from officials over balcony injuries as peak holiday season approaches

29 Jun 2016
Travel plans disrupted after Terror Attack at International Turkish Airport kills 41, and leaves 239 wounded

28 Jun 2016
Is Brexit the reason many holidaymakers are unable to apply for an EHIC?

27 Jun 2016
Remembering The Tunisian Terror Attack One Year On

24 Jun 2016
Britain votes OUT of the EU

23 Jun 2016
Medical tourism is on the up - but this time the tables have turned

21 Jun 2016
Etihad release the world's most expensive airline ticket - costing a whopping £55,000

16 Jun 2016
Could luggage labels at check-in be scrapped?

13 Jun 2016
State of emergency declared in Florida, after gunman opens fire in gay night club killing 50

10 Jun 2016
Many Brits are too afraid to hire a car abroad

9 Jun 2016
Millennials are the most inclined to travel uninsured

7 Jun 2016
Iceland to implement new laws on taxing landlords who rent on Airbnb

5 Jun 2016
US warn that Euro 2016 could be the next terror target

3 Jun 2016
Flooding causes top Paris tourist attractions to close

2 Jun 2016
French Air Traffic Strikes Lifted

1 Jun 2016
Celebrity Designer is fined after assaulting member of Virgin cabin crew

31 May 2016
Increase in British Foreign Travel

28 May 2016
Term time holiday bookings rocket due to court case victory

27 May 2016
First ever World Cruise with Viking Cruise

12 Apr 2016
Egypt’s new Tourist Minister announces plans to boost tourism

11 Apr 2016
Flybe challenges British Airways dominance at Heathrow

29 Mar 2016
Hijacked EgyptAir plane lands in Cyprus

29 Mar 2016
Storm Katie blows in causing flights to be diverted

21 Mar 2016
No survivors in FlyDubai Boeing crash

15 Mar 2016
Britain’s worst airport for summer delays

02 Feb 2016
British tourist killed by elephant in Thailand

27 Jan 2016
Zika Virus (ZIKV) Update

10 Jan 2016
Thomsons cancel summer programme to Tunisia

27 Dec 2016
British Tourism Authority appoints new interim director

20 Dec 2016
Online Travel Agents introduce low deposit deals

26 Mar 2015
Report predicts India tourism growth in 2015

13 Mar 2015
Irish tourism boosted by depreciating Euro

12 Mar 2015
Guam to get first resort in over 15 years

11 Mar 2015
Lightning tourism lights up Venezuela

02 Mar 2015
India looks to increase visas on arrival to 150 countries

23 Apr 2014
Eurostar reports business travel boost

28 Apr 2014
Bloody Mary is officially the best in flight cocktail

29 Apr 2014
Peruvian ceviche named world's best food

30 Apr 2014
The strangest items holidaymakers pack in their suitcases

29 May 2014
Parents push for term-time holiday changes

23 May 2014
Thailand latest: how does the coup affect tourists?

19 May 2014
British holidaymakers are warming to the Middle East

01 May 2014
Noma reclaims world's top restaurant title

02 Jun 2014
Holidaymakers urged not to reach airports too early

02 Jun 2014
Research shows summer holidays are the best opportunity for families to spend time together

11 Jun 2014
Lonely Planet lists its top European destinations for 2014

20 Jun 2014
Chilean president acknowledges role of tourism in international development

20 Aug 2014
Holidaymakers rate airport security as the most irritating thing about going away

19 Aug 2014
Melbourne named world’s most liveable city

15 Aug 2014
Gap year bookings soar as youngsters look to bolster their CVs

29 Sep 2014
Agencies reveal Visit England campaign impact

29 Sep 2014
New Swiss hostel offers backpackers a real taste of luxury

23 Sep 2014
UK airport punctuality down from 2013

22 Sep 2014
Thomson launches new brand aimed at 18-35s

18 Sep 2014
Spend the night at the bottom of a beer barrel

12 Sep 2014
Pilot strikes could disrupt Air France passenger travel

11 Sep 2014
Budget winter sunshine breaks revealed by KAYAK

01 Sep 2014
Gluttonous holidaymakers double their calorie intake on day one of trip

21 Oct 2014
Calls for responsible travel from Aurora viewers

14 Oct 2014
Facebook gloating about holidays could cause resentment among friends

08 Oct 2014
Record number of peak summer sale flights launched by easyJet

03 Oct 2014
Hong Kong tourism hit by protests

01 Oct 2014
Protests hinder Hong Kong tourism

20 Aug 2013
Fussy Brits take food on holiday with them

19 Aug 2013
Adventurous Brits get their kicks on holiday

19 Aug 2013
RNLI issues warning over beach safety

16 Aug 2013
Italian architecture, Spanish sunshine and Japanese transport links-if only it all existed on place!

06 Aug 2013
Tuesday is the cheapest day to fly

06 Aug 2013
World's most visited destinations revealed

05 Aug 2013
British holidaymakers spend two days of every trip surfing the net

02 Aug 2013
Women daydream about holidays more than about sex, study finds