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Thomas Cook Update

Thomas Cook

As you’ve undoubtedly seen in the media, Thomas Cook ceased trading on the 20 September 2019, leaving upwards of 150,00 of customers stranded abroad and almost a million customers out of pocket.

Operation Matterhorn

Thankfully, most British travelers have now returned to the UK. The mission, dubbed ‘Operation Matterhorn’, was the biggest UK repatriation project since World War 2. However, millions of customers still find themselves waiting for refunds.

360,000 Refunds Outstanding

The Civil Aviation Authority launched a website on 6 October 2019, to allow customers to begin the process of claiming their money back, which can take up to 60 days from the date of claim.

The website crumbled under the pressure on day one, after receiving over 60,000 enquiries in 24 hours. The CAA have approximately 360,000 customers to refund in total.

Fraudulent Claims

Fraudsters and scammers are already taking advantage of this misfortune, and the CAA has warned that it had received worrying reports about several deceitful operations reporting to be from either Thomas Cook or the CAA themselves.

The only way you will receive a refund is via their website, please do not give your details via any other means.

Hays Rescue

Hays, previously a rival firm of Thomas Cook, have stepped in to buy all 555 high-street stores and hope to reemploy 2,000 staff.

The Managing Director John Hays and the Group Chair, Irene Hays said “Thomas Cook was a much-loved brand employing talented people. We look forward to working with many of them.”

The team here at Direct Travel, would like to extend our sympathies to the Thomas Cook family of around 9,000 people who also find themselves facing uncertainty at this difficult time.

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