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Travel Insurance

Looking for competitive travel insurance?

Cover from as little as £1.10 per day

Includes 24 hour emergency medical assistance, just in case.

A simple online medical screening process.

15% online discount on Direct Travel policies.

(Based on a 20-year-old travelling in the UK for 7 nights on a Direct Travel Budget single trip. Prices correct as of 9th November 2023).

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The benefits of a Direct Travel Insurance policy:


Up to £10,000,000 for medical cover, all declared medical conditions are included.


Emergency medical assistance, available 24 hours a day, every day. Help when you need it most.

Pre Existing Medical Conditions

Cancellation cover of up to £6,000 per traveller. Market leading cover.


15% online-only discount, get the best Direct Travel prices online today.

Travel insurance from a trusted name

Direct travel is one of the most recognisable names in the industry, UK travellers have been relying on Direct Travel to protect them for over 28 years - that's hundreds of thousands of travellers each year. In fact, we have many repeat clients who trust us year after year, trip after trip to cover them and their loved ones.

Who should consider travel insurance?

Everyone. While travel insurance isn't a legal requirement, like car insurance is, it's an important part of planning your trip.

Many counties, such as Dubai, Singapore, Thailand, Turkey, and the USA require all travellers to have a form of medical insurance, which is included in all Direct Travel policies. So, remember to check your destination's requirements before you travel!

How does Direct Travel insurance quote?

It couldn't be simpler:

1: Tell us about your travel plans, where you are going, when and who will be coming along with you, plus any medical conditions for any travellers in your party
2: We'll find you some policies based on your information – and don't forget Direct Travel policies include our 15% online discount when you book via out website
3: Select the option that best suits the needs of you, and your travelling party.
4: Provide your contact details, make payment, and receive instant confirmation, along with your policy documents!

It really is as easy as that. We know no one wants to hang around when it comes to sorting out their travel insurance policy, it's just not one of those exciting tasks that we look forward to doing, that doesn’t mean it's not important though.

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Let us answer some of your travel insurance questions

What is travel insurance?

The meaning of insurance is "an individual receives financial reimbursement against losses.", for travel insurance this covers things like medical treatment while you're away, holiday cancellation, lost baggage and much, much more depending on the type of policy selected. Meaning the travel insurance policy can provide the policyholder with protection against the loss of money which has affected their travel plans, as set out in the policy wording. It’s important to know that travel insurance can’t cover every possibility, so make sure you read your policy documents carefully and if you’re unsure speak to your provider.

What sort of travel insurance do I need?

It all depends on your individual requirements. Some travel insurance policies are tailored for people with medical conditions or complex medical needs, some more towards cancellation protection or loss of belongings. We recommend you check over any policy documentation in advance of purchase, to make sure it meets your specific needs and you know exactly what is, and isn’t, covered by your chosen policy.

What does excess mean in travel insurance?

An excess is the amount that will be deducted from a claim before its paid to the policyholder. For example, if you made a claim for £500 and your excess was £100, you would receive £400 overall. Some travel insurance will come with no excess, in most cases this is reflected in the premium you pay.

When should travel insurance start?

This really depends on the policy type and your specific needs.

If you're looking at an annual multi trip policy you, ideally it should begin when your previous policy expires, so continuous cover is applied.

If you're thinking of buying a single trip travel insurance policy, it can be best to buy early, as you will be covered for cancellation from the day the policy begins.

Why is travel insurance important?

In the simplest terms, travel insurance is like any insurance, a form of protection.

Travel insurance should include support in case of medical emergency, and offer financial assistance in many other instances; such as personal injury, missed or delayed departure, travel cancellations or loss of belongings. If you don't have travel insurance, and something unfortunate should happen, be it before or during your trip, it could spoil your holiday, and leave you out of pocket. Travel insurance helps protect you from these losses.

How does travel insurance work?

Travel insurance compensates you in the event of an issue with your travel plans before or during your holiday (depending on the policy benefits on your selected policy). Levels of cover and benefits will vary between policies, but in most cases a travel insurance policy should cover:

  • Medical repatriation - you, or those insured, are returned to the if medically necessary or you can’t get the treatment needed locally.
  • Medical assistance - a 24-hour medical assistance company provides you with backup should you need emergency treatment abroad, this can be helping to find a location for treatment or confirming and paying for services on your behalf.
  • Cancellation cover - should you need to cancel your travel plans you can claim the cost of your holiday and often some of the extra costs such as missed excursions.
  • Personal liability - protect you against liability to pay a third party any damages if you injure someone else or damage their property.
  • Baggage - provides financial reimbursement if your baggage is lost, delayed, or stolen whilst you are travelling. In some cases this can include passports and travel documents, as well as personal money.

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What our customers say:

  1. "Very easy to do travel insurance online and now that you can add medical conditions, rather than calling up and going through lots of questions it’s brilliant."
  2. "I have used Direct travel insurance for a good number of years and have been extremely happy with their service and prices. This years renewal (3/3/14) was the first I have undertaken on-line and I found the process clear and easy to use."
  3. "Quick and easy, good rates for my health problems, would highly recommend."