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Coronavirus Travel Insurance

Our policies give you protection when you need it most, all our policies provide cover for Medical & Other Expenses outside of the United Kingdom if you contract Covid-19 whilst abroad.

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The Covid 19 pandemic changed what many of us look for when considering travel insurance options. Everybody realises the importance of having medical expense cover for their foreign travels and our policies give you top level protection for medical and other expenses outside of the UK should you contract Covid-19 on your travels.

Here at Direct Travel Insurance, you will automatically have the above cover included as standard and many of our policy options offer enhanced coronavirus cover.

What is Enhanced Coronavirus cover?

This applies as an improvement within your travel insurance policy, amending some of the terms and conditions so that you can claim in various scenarios relating to Coronavirus. It is included within the price quoted for your travel insurance policy if the Enhanced Covid-19 cover is available on the policy option you select.

Enhanced covid cover includes benefits such as

  1. Cancelling your trip because you have tested positive for Covid-19
  2. cover if it is necessary to extend your stay due to falling ill with Covid-19 or if you have to cut short your trip and return to the UK.

Please note, that vaccination terms may apply, see individual policy wordings for full information.

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Let us answer some of your Covid-19 travel insurance questions

If you contract Coronavirus before you travel are you covered for cancellations?

Without the enhanced Covid-19 cover, almost all travel insurance policies will exclude cover should you contract Coronavirus before travelling and need to cancel your holiday. This is one of the main benefits of the enhanced Coronavirus Cover, protection should you need to cancel.

Do all policies include Covid-19 cover?

Yes all our policies will cover you for Medical expenses if you fall ill with Covid-19 abroad but only the options we highlight with the Enhanced Covid-19 cover include the additional cover.

For more help on Covid-19 and travelling, please visit our Coronavirus FAQs page and message us via the blue "Help" button in the bottom left of your screen.

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