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What happens when your Annual Multi Trip is due to expire?

Should you have purchased an Annual multi-trip travel insurance policy we will contact you around 28 days before your policy is due to expire just so you know this is coming up soon.

We will never automatically continue cover

We do not automatically continue cover so there is no need to worry about money being taken from your account.

Several methods of contact

We will contact you by either email, post or telephone.

Before you start step3

We Are Prepared - 28 days before your policy is set to expire we will start preparing your documentation.

Before you start step 1

Multiple Methods of Contact - We will send you out a reminder that the policy is due to expire by either email or post.


Give us a Call - Simply contact us when you are ready, our team will be able to help.

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Emergency Assistance
Contact details for the 24hr medical emergency helpline can be found in your policy documentation.

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