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100 Mini Earthquakes Cause Eruption Panic in Tenerife

Fear has spread across the popular holiday island of Tenerife, after almost 100 mini earthquakes were recorded over the weekend.

Mount Teide, is the highest peak in Spain, and was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site, back in 2007. The area surrounding the volcano experienced 92 mini earthquakes, recorded across just a 4 hour period, in Adeje, and Vilaflor.

One micro quake recorded, reached 1.5 on the Richter scale.

Most of the micro quakes occurred deep under the Earth's surface, with some as deep as 13 km.

Mount Teide has not erupted for over 100 years, with its last eruption back in November 1909.

The carbon dioxide levels in the area were recorded as ‘abnormal’ by experts, suggesting that an eruption could materialise. However, a volcanic eruption in Tenerife was denied by Tenerife Tourism Corporation: “Involcan states that the tremors could be related to the hydrothermal system of the volcano, and not a magmatic intrusion, which would, in any case, be a ‘common situation which should not frighten anybody’.

“Due to its volcanic origin, Tenerife is continuously monitored and any seismic activity associated with magma would be detected in very early stages. It is worth pointing out that the last volcanic eruption that took place on the island happened over 100 years ago, causing no personal injuries of any kind.

“Therefore, everything is as calm as usual in Tenerife; there have been no changes related to these micro earthquakes and there are no current risks. Everyday life remains the same in the island’s cities, towns and tourist areas - the situation is totally safe.”