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Wife causes airport to go into lockdown after making bomb hoax

In order to stop her husband from flying, a woman has caused a security alert at an airport in Geneva after making a hoax bomb threat.

Entrances to the airport were closed off as armed guards flooded to the scene, to find out that it was all just a hoax.

Although the airport continued to remain open throughout the event, ID checks were later carried out as a security precaution, therefore causing long delays when entering the terminal.

The French woman from Annecy, France, claimed that she rung the customs department at the Swiss airport, which is situated on the French/Swiss border, in order to tell them that someone carrying a bomb would be in the French section of the airport.

Police later traced the anonymous callers number to the woman's address in Annecy, around 30 miles from the airport, and raided the property.

In a statement, prosecutors commented “They found a woman who admitted to having made the call and explained that she wanted thereby to prevent her husband from leaving.”

Travellers were later told to arrive at the terminal early, by airport spokesman Bertrand Staempfli, due to the additional checks.