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Dover ferry port in chronic traffic jam chaos

As the height of the British holiday period begins, chronic traffic jam chaos at Dover ferry port has caused major delays to many holidaymakers travel plans this weekend. Reports say that many travellers battled through delays of around 14 hours, with many stuck in the jams throughout the night.

Understaffing was the reasoning given to the delays by port officials, due to a major increase in security checks since the Nice terror attacks.

With temperatures this weekend being around 25C, motorists stuck in the jams were flown water by police services.

A tweet published by Kent Police advised travellers to remain in their vehicles and keep them aired well.

“Leaving cars is dangerous, traffic is stop/start. We’ve also had delays due to people not being in cars when traffic starts moving.”

As well as an additional two hours at the ferry port, 12 hours was the predicted time delay by P&O Ferries for motorists using the A20/M20, and 3 hours on the A2/A256. A 12 mile tailback was recorded on the A20/M20 roads.

If you are travelling to France through Dover over the next few days, we recommend that you keep yourself updated well with what’s going on in order to be prepared. Check your travel company’s website along with the Kent Police and Dover Port.

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