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French Tourism Workers to Receive English Lessons in Bid to Boost Low Visitor Numbers

Tourism authorities in Paris have introduced their new plans in order to boost their visitor numbers.

French tourism workers are set to receive English lessons, in order to boost low visitor numbers, after a series of planned terror attacks across France.

The plan consists of providing their tourism workers with English lessons. The newly taught workers will be dotted around popular French tourism landmarks, in order to provide visitors with any help and assistance that they may need.

As well as tourism workers, bus and taxi drivers in and around the area will also be provided with lessons.

Mobile police stations are also to be set up around popular tourist hot spots, in order to make visitors feel safer on their visits.

The money spent on the development is reported to be around 23 million euros, and looks to create around 200 jobs by Christmas, increasing these to around 1,000 by the summer.

Paris has been in a state of emergency since the attacks last November. A series of coordinated terror attacks took place across the city, leaving 130 people dead, and hundreds of people wounded.

The national state of emergency was recently extended by the French Government until January 26th 2017.

The British FCDO have warned travellers: “There is a high threat from terrorism. Due to ongoing threats to France by Islamist terrorist groups, and recent French military intervention against Daesh (formerly referred to as ISIL), the French government has warned the public to be especially vigilant and has reinforced its security measures.”

As well as the attacks, the chaos in Calais has also lead to the drop in tourist numbers. The French government have recently finished work on clearing the migrant ‘jungle’ camp in Calais, where thousands of migrants lived for months, in the hopes that they would be able to reach the UK.

The operation lasted several days, transporting migrants to asylum centres around the country. Although the operation was successful, the FCDO have warned travellers that there are still migrants in Calais looking for illegal ways to cross the Channel, and advises them to: “keep vehicle doors locked in slow moving traffic in and around Calais, and secure your vehicle when it’s left unattended.”