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Gatwick – Reduces Boarding Time by up to 10%

1st November 2019

Gatwick is working with EasyJet to reduce boarding times for passengers using a new system, affectionately named by some customers as “bingo boarding”.

The new method involves seating those in window seats first, then middle seats and lastly aisle seats from the back of the plane, to the front. Gatwick will continue to use the tannoy approach, along with digital screens at the gate, giving customers a visual on who’s been called and who should be prepared to move.

The new system should help to reduce the time spent you spend hanging around, and blocking the aisle, because you’re waiting for Mr 3A to jam their huge bag into the overhead locker… or at least that’s the thinking behind it.

Don’t worry Gatwick assured their passengers that if you’re travelling with young children, have mobility issues or premium boarding you’ll continue to be seated first.

The trial is being completed at just one gate in Gatwick, on EasyJet planes only for now. A spokesperson for EasyJet said “We continually look at different technologies and innovations which could make customer journeys easier.

“Gatwick is our largest base and they approached us about commencing a boarding trial. A small number of easyJet flights that use Gate 101 are taking part in the trial initially.

“This isn’t something we are looking to implement across our network but will work with Gatwick to study the results of their trial when it closes.”

The trial is expected to reduce boarding time by 2-3 mins, which in the great scheme of things doesn’t seem like a lot, but Gatwick is infamous for it’s delays, an accolade it’s trying to shake with innovative ideas and schemes like this one.

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