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Millennials are the least likely age group to buy travel insurance

Those categorised as The Millennial Generation, aged between 18-34, who vacated abroad last year have been said to be the least inclined to cover themselves with travel insurance, with 31% traveling abroad at least once uninsured. After being asked if travel insurance is important for any holiday, even if it is in The UK, only a shocking 16% approved. Most people who were asked this used the excuses that they believed that they did not need travel insurance when going away, and with 22% saying that they forgot to purchase travel insurance. 38% of the 18-34 year olds asked said that they were prepared to risk not having travel insurance, even though 3,793 British tourists were hospitalised in 2011/2012, balancing out as 70 people per week and 10 per day. A stunning 10% admitted that they believed that The Government would pick up their medical bills if they were to fall ill while on holiday.

An EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) allows people who are protected by a Statutory Social Security Scheme of the EEA countries to obtain medical treatment for free or at a lower cost, when abroad in the countries signed up to the scheme. However, many 18-34 year olds are confused as to what the EHIC actually covers them for. A quarter of those asked believe as long as they have an EHIC then they do not need travel insurance when travelling in Europe.

ABTA, The Association of British Travel Agents, spur all holiday goers to make sure that they take out travel insurance from the time of booking their holiday. This is to ensure that they are covered for medical insurance, as well a factors that many people forget about including cancellation, loss of luggage and family bereavement.

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