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Clearing of Migrant ‘Jungle’ Camps to Cause Delays

The French government have begun to clear the migrant camp in Calais this morning, known as ‘the Jungle,’ potentially causing delays for travellers travelling through the popular French port.

Thousands of migrants have been living in the camps, after fleeing their war torn countries such as Syria, Eritrea, and Afghanistan.

The migrants believe that they will have a better life in the UK, so set up camps in Calais, as it is the closest to the boundaries of the UK.

The thousands of migrants who having been living in the camps over previous months, are being split into families, vulnerable, lone adults, and lone children, where they will then be transported by bus to asylum centres across France. The centres will provide the migrants with health checks.

The operation is expected to last several days.

Some children from the camps, who have family members in the UK, have been moved to Britain, in order to provide them with a better life. However, concerns have been raised, after some ‘child’ migrants brought over to the UK have seemed to look older than 18.

Chaos has also been caused, after some migrants, who do not want to leave the camps, have been throwing stones at French officers.

It is possible that the clearing of ‘the Jungle’ could cause delays for travellers travelling to and from the busy port.

Updating their page, the British FCDO, said: “The French government has started an operation to clear the migrant camp in Calais. Although the French government has plans in place to manage disruption, there remains a possibility that those travelling to Calais port may experience some delays during the clearance, which is expected to last several days.”

The FCDO advised travellers to: “Check the website of your chosen operator before you set off.”