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Crackdown on Binge Drinking in the Balearics

20th February 2020

A new law has been passed to the reduce binge drinking culture in some of the biggest tourist hot spots in the Balearic Islands.

Magaluf, El Arenal and Playa de Palma in Majorca, and San Antonio in Ibiza are the first to be affected. The law has put a ban on booze cruises, 2 for 1 drinks and organised pub crawls in the areas, as well as reducing the alcoholic drinks served on all-inclusive holidays and on set menus./p>

Local shops selling alcohol will not be able to serve it between 9:30pm and 8:00am, there will be a ban on vending machines selling alcohol and adverts for drinks will also be forbidden.

Any businesses or hotels caught ignoring these new regulations are liable for hefty fines of over £50,000. Rosana Morillo Tourism Director has said “We want to put a stop to bad behaviour. From April-May this year we will increase the police presence in these areas and the number of inspectors. We will have zero tolerance for tourism excesses”

Some local businesses and tour operators are concerned that this will have an impact on tourism in these areas, but Morillo insists that “We believe this won’t have a big impact on family tourism. These areas are not what families look for. The impact on family tourism will not be high”

Not all hotels will be forced to adhere to these rules for this season, so not all UK tourists will be affected. If you’re not sure, speak to your travel operator.