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Brits name what causes them to stress the most when going abroad

A recent survey carried out by car rental firm Avis, asked Brits to name what caused them to stress the most about going away. Due to the increase in budget airlines competing to provide us with the cheapest flights, unsurprisingly seat kickers on the plane was placed first for stressing out Brits. The seat kickers were closely followed by intoxicated Brits, and passengers who recline their plane seats without permission.

The survey listed 44 common problems Brits may experience when going away. Out of these 44, 50% of the highest ranked problems were related to the airport. Many Brits experience stress when going abroad, however 24% went to the extreme of saying that airport stress has once ruined a holiday for them.

Out of the 1,500 Brits asked, noisy children were ranked 4th by stressed out Brits, followed by crowded airports in 5th place.

Not only does the airport cause Brits to stress, but 67% of those surveyed answered that their levels of stress rise in the days ahead of their holiday. Family arguments seem to be a regular occurrence when going on holiday, with 72% confessing to having a family argument due to having a stressful time abroad.

Bad Wi-Fi signal was placed at 6th placed, with being plagued by insects in 7th, and noisy hotel neighbours in 8th.

People who get out of their plane seats too early ranked 9th place, followed by airline baggage limits in 10th place.

40% of those polled, confessed that their stress levels sometimes get so bad that they need to take a break from travel activities, or find that they need to do breathing exercises in order to restore their calmness.

However, it’s not always the process of getting to their holiday destination that many Brits stress about. 1 in 10 are reported to start worrying with two days to go before they depart. This stress was found to mainly be about remembering everything and not missing their flight home. A third were also reported to stress the day before they are set to depart.

The Top Situations Brits Find Stressful when Going Abroad

  1. 1 .Plane seat kickers
  2. 2. Intoxicated Brits
  3. 3. Passengers who recline their seats
  4. 4. Noisy Children
  5. 5. Crowded airports
  6. 6. Bad Wi-Fi signal
  7. 7 .Being plagued by insects
  8. 8. Having noisy hotel neighbours
  9. 9. People who leave their seat early on the plane
  10. 10. Baggage limits

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Study conducted by Avis, can be found here: Avis Budget UK Reveals Top 10 Holiday Stresses for Brits