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Tourists Warned as Hurricane Matthew is Set to Power across Caribbean

Tourists holidaying in parts of the Caribbean have been warned about Hurricane Matthew, as it forcefully heads towards parts of Jamaica, Cuba, and Haiti.

Holidaymakers in the areas affected, have been advised to stock up on essentials, and to take shelter, as the hurricane powers across the islands over the next few days.

The category-four hurricane, has already bought forceful winds, reaching up to 150mph, flash flooding, and 25 inches of rainfall, across some parts of the Caribbean.

Southern areas of Haiti are predicted to be affected the most by Matthew, including Jeremie, and Les Cayse. Many Haitian residents in areas predicted to be hit severely, have already been urged to evacuate.

Matthew is now heading towards Cuba, and is forecast to hit tomorrow (Tuesday). The British FCDO warned holidaymakers: “Hurricane Matthew is forecast to bring hazardous sea and weather conditions to parts of Cuba from around 3 October 2016.

“A hurricane warning is in place for parts of Cuba.

“You should monitor weather updates and track the progress of approaching storms.

“The Civil Aviation Corporation in Cuba has announced some airport closures from noon on 2 October. Contact your airline or tour operator to confirm travel arrangements.”

A number of cruise ships have been made to divert from their usual routes, due to the powerful winds, and dangerous sea conditions.

Matthew, which has been named as one of the most powerful hurricanes in the Atlantic’s recent history, is predicted by forecasters, to move in a northerly direction up towards the Bahamas.