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Mallorca Set to Struggle After Tourism Surge

With terror threats pushing tourists away from usual popular summer holiday destinations, such as Tunisia, Egypt and Turkey, many tourists seem to be heading back towards classic European locations. Due to this sudden surge in tourism, parts of the Spanish islands seem to be struggling.

Mallorca, part of the Balearic Island Archipelago, has always been a popular destination where many foreigners take their summer holidays, especially Brits and Germans. However, a new record is predicted to be set this year, with Mallorca set to receive over 10 million visitors.

Although around 80% of the island’s economy relies on tourism, and this increase in tourism has helped to bring extra jobs to the island, many Spanish nationals are unhappy with the surge, as it has caused property rent and purchasing prices to rocket.

Graffiti writing of ‘Tourist go home’ was sprayed on a wall in Palma, mirroring the strong feelings some Spanish nationals feel towards the surge.

In order to help battle the effects this tourism surge will bring to the island, the Government have recently introduced a tourism tax. The tax, which costs around £1.55 per person day, was introduced on 1st July 2016. The charge only applies to tourists aged 14 and over, however, a family of four with children over the age of 16 could be paying up to an extra £70, if they were to visit the islands for a two-week period. This extra charge is being classed as an “eco-tax,” which will help the islands look after their natural land and culture, and also help to invest more into popular tourist attractions.