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Travellers prefer their phones over their lovers

Going abroad is meant to be a new and exciting experience, where you can get a taste for the history and culture of a new country. However, a new study has shown that three quarters of holidaymakers would much rather choose to travel alongside their phone, rather than a loved one, a friend, or family member.

The study, run by, questioned over 9,000 travellers about how they use their phones abroad. The results have shown that one in ten holidaymakers used their phones on holiday for more than a shocking 7 hours each day. The question you may be asking yourself, is what on earth are people doing for that amount of time on their phones. Well, the study shows that these hours weren't spent researching their new location, or messaging friends and family at home, the majority were shown to be using their phones for scrolling through their social media pages.

Facebook and Instagram were said to be the most used forms of social media by holidaymakers when away, with 43% of those questioned admitting to using them on holiday. However, 40% confessed to updating their social media pages on holiday on the go.

Keeping up with the news was also another reason shown to be why people use their phones abroad, with just under 1 in 4 people using their phones for this purpose.

Although these statistics may shock most people, Brits were not proved to be the worst for using their phones abroad. Compared to other nationalities, only 55% of Brits asked confessed to their favourite holiday companion being their mobile phone, with 85% of Argentinians, and 96% of Russians confessing to this too.

When booking a holiday, more than three quarters of the people surveyed claimed that one of the most important amenities for their chosen accommodation is good Wi-Fi connection.