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Manchester Airport evacuated after unattended rucksack security scare

Manchester Airport was evacuated yesterday (18th Aug) after a unattended rucksack caused the airport to announce a security alert.

The unattended bag, which was left in terminal 2 last night, lead to a section of the terminal being closed off. An airport spokesman, said it was closed off: “as a precaution, while an investigation takes place.”

It was later confirmed that the bag did not pose any threat.

Mark Kennyit, superintendent at Manchester Police, said: “We contained the situation and dealt with the suspicious bag as quickly as possible so there was minimal disruption to the airport and the public. I would like to thank the public for their patience and cooperation.”

In a series of tweets, Manchester Airport, said “NEWS STATEMENT: Upon finding an unattended bag, an area outside terminal two was cordoned off as a precautionary measure. ?

“Following a thorough investigation, the bag has been cleared as a posing no threat & the process of reopening the terminal is underway. ?

“As always, the safety & security of our passengers and staff is paramount, and we appreciate the patience of those affected tonight 3/3”