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Swiss city uses Pokémon GO craze to boost tourism levels

With Pokémon GO only having been released a month ago, no one could predict that the game would blow up as much as it has done, and in such a short space of time.

The game, which has taken the world by storm, sees players use their location in order to catch virtual creatures, known as Pokémon’s, through the reality based app.

Basel, a Swiss city, has used the explosion of Pokémon GO to their advantage, by creating a ‘reversed’ version of the app in a video posted online. The team behind Basel Tourism teamed up with Fadeout, a marketing agency, in order to create the video. The video, which now has almost 65million views online, was created in order to boost the city’s level of tourism.

Basel, which has a population of around 165,041 (2012) people is located in the North of Switzerland.

Using the popular craze in order to target young people, Basel Tourism spoke to the BBC and said that the video boasted the city’s attractions, including “the beautiful Old Town, the river Rhine and its bridges.”

The viral video can be found here: THE REVENGE Pokémon Go – PRANK! (original)