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Two Elderly French Tourists Die After Being Pulled Unconscious from Great Barrier Reef

Two French tourists have died while snorkelling at Australia’s popular tourist destination, the Great Barrier Reef.

The pair, who were found just after 11am local time, are reported to be a 76 year old male, and a 74 year old female.

The couple were snorkelling off the coast of Michaelmas Cay, on Wednesday, just 25 miles from Cairns.

It is thought that they both suffered from cardiac arrests.

The pair were pulled from the sea, after being seen in distress. Resuscitation methods were attempted, however they were unsuccessful.

The man and woman, were said to have been snorkelling with a group of 21 other French tourists, at the time of the incident.

The Daily Mail reported that a third tourists from the group was hospitalised, after suffering from an anxiety attack.

The CEO of the snorkelling company, Passions of Paradise, Scott Garden, told the BBC: “It is very stressful for our staff but their priority has been with helping the group.”

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