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Catalonia Protests

If you’re travelling to Spain in the coming weeks, you may have been following the news about the political unrest in Catalonia, where almost 100 people have been injured in protests in the last few days.

What is Catalonia?

Catalonia has its own language, parliament and is one of the wealthiest regions of Spain. Many Catalonians think of themselves as separate from Spain, and this has caused a history of political unrest.

Tourism is very important to the region; with Barcelona at the centre of its thriving tourist industry. Catalonia also boasts miles of stunning Mediterranean coastline including the Costa Brava. The region is separated from France by the Pyrenees, so hiking is also very popular.

Is it safe to travel to the Catalonian region?

The government website GOV.UK maintains that travel is safe to the region, but it warns that political protests have been taking place, and that they’re likely to continue.

Caution is recommended in the vicinity of any demonstrations. While most protests are peaceful, as we’ve seen in the news recently, violence has broken out on occasion.

It also warns that protests may cause some travel disruption. If you are planning to travel to the region, make sure that you check the GOV.UK website for up to date information.