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What do your holiday photos say about you as a person…?

Brits love a good holiday photoshoot, and with social media booming, holiday photos are now more common than ever before, with 80 million snaps being shared on Instagram on an average day. But have you ever considered that your summer snaps could reveal a lot more about you than you initially thought…?

According to a new study, our holiday snaps reveal more about us than we thought. This comes after the study, carried out by, asked 1,000 holidaymakers to choose out their favourite holiday photos. Clinical psychologist and photographer John Kentish later assessed these images and claimed that what we take images of reveals more about what we think of ourselves.

Novelty landmark images topped the survey, with a whopping 90% of us admitting to taking such a cultured picture. According to Kentish, these novelty landmark photographers think they are “‘funnier, wittier, and cleverer’ than those who would favour a selfie over a cultured snap.”

He continued “...the sneaky holidaymakers among us will opt for a hot dog leg angle to suggest we are ‘arty’ when really, we just want to show off our legs!”

Meanwhile, pouting lounger selfie lovers are all about showing they are ‘undeniably unique and seductive’ and needn't be cultural to have a good time. In contrast, those who strive to master the perfect jumping location shot, are all about proving they are ‘free-spirited and well-travelled’ while simultaneously showing off their physique.”

23% of us even confessed to whipping out the camera before we had even left for our travels!

So, have you worked out what sort of person you are from your holiday snaps? Please tweet us @directtravel as we’d love to know your results!

If you want to find out more about the study, and check out the great infographics that go with it you can find it on the website here: with how you can take the perfect holiday pic!

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