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Accident on world’s biggest cruise liner leaves one dead, and four injured

One person has died, and four have been injured, after a lifeboat became detached during a safety drill on the world's biggest cruise liner, Harmony of the Seas.

Operated by Royal Caribbean, the world's biggest cruise liner, which can hold 5,479 passengers, was docked in Marseille, in France, when the accident occurred.

All 5 people involved in the incident were members of the ship's’ navigation team.

The crew member who died has been identified as a 42-year-old from the Philippines. Three of the four injured in the event were also from the Philippines, with the remaining crew member from India.

Two of the four injured continue to receive medical care in Marseille, and the remaining two have since been released.

The ship, which was only launched four months ago, was mid-way through an eight-day cruise around the Mediterranean. However, the trip has since been suspended, following the incident which happened yesterday.

In relation to yesterday's accident, the cruise company released a statement:

“We are sorry to share the sad news that a crew member aboard Harmony of the Seas has died of injuries sustained during a lifeboat drill conducted while docked at the port of Marseille, France. Our crew member was a 42-year-old assistant electrical engineer from the Philippines.

“Four other crew members were injured in the same incident. Two of the four have been released from hospital, while the other two continue to receive the best medical care available in Marseille. Three of the crew members are also from the Philippines, while the fourth is from India.

“We are keeping our colleagues and their families in our thoughts and prayers.”