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Inside the lost property boxes of British airports

We’ve all been there, leaving your iPad in the pouch on the back of the plane seat, or leaving your jacket in the taxi. These are all normal things. However, researchers have delved into the lost property boxes of British Airports to find out the most bizarre things people have ever lost at the airport.

As thousands of travellers pass through British airports each day, it comes as no surprise that things will get lost and left behind. The most common items left behind by travellers included items of clothing, phones and tablets, and glasses. However, some items found were a lot more peculiar. Some of the most peculiar items found over the last year included a microwave, a roll of carpet, and even a bottle of holy water.

In a series of infographics, the research, carried out by Travel Supermarket, shows that from May 2015 to May 2016, 26,543 items were reported as lost or found at the UK’s busiest airport, Heathrow. The average number of items lost in a single days was found to be a shocking 381, with Tuesday being the the day travellers are most likely to lose something at the airport.

As well as random and bizarre items, 24% of all of the items at lost property at London City Airport over the last year were designer.

As well as London, some bizarre items were also found outside of the city. Researchers found that a motorbike carburettor was found at Manchester Airport, and a diamond necklace was found at Birmingham international Airport.

The results of the Travel Supermarket research can be found here: