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Terror attack at Turkish airport kills 41 and leaves travel plans disrupted

The major attack, which took place late on Tuesday night at Ataturk Airport, Turkey's largest airport, was carried out by three attackers who began firing at the entrance of the terminal, after arriving in a taxi.

Armed with automatic rifles, the three suicide bombers shot wildly at civilians before blowing themselves up, at what seems to be a co-ordinated attack.

Officials have reported that 41 people have been killed, and that 239 people have been wounded. The majority killed were Turkish Nationals, with at least 13 of them reported as other nationalities. Confirmed dead, is one Iranian, and one Ukrainian. Many of the less severely wounded have been discharged from hospital, with the BBC reporting a figure of around 109.

With large amounts of tourists flooding to Turkey for their Summer holidays, many travel plans have been disrupted by the attack. Flights after the attack were suspended, with one British Airways plane heading from London to Istanbul turning round in mid-air. British Airways have since cancelled their flights to Ataturk and will act appropriately on information from the authorities. Some airlines have begun to resume their flights.

Advice issued by Heathrow Airport states: “Following the tragic incident in Istanbul, if you’re travelling to Istanbul Ataturk Airport please check your flight status with your airline before coming to Heathrow.”

The country, which has suffered from several attacks in the last year, is on high alert. While no one has officially stepped forward to take ownership of the attack, Turkey are pointing their finger at Islamic State.

Since the attack, #PrayforTurkey has been trending on Twitter.