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Would you hire a car abroad? 71% of Brits are too nervous

A study by Green Flag has shown that one third of Brits are too afraid to hire a car when on holiday. A staggering 71% of Britons said that the thought of driving abroad worries them. 32% said that they try to avoid driving cars abroad, due to factors including language barriers, local drivers, and driving ‘on the wrong side’ of the road. An astonishing 83% of those asked, said that they were scared of their car breaking down and not being able to speak the language, whilst abroad, in order to get it fixed. With the current petrol crisis in France, and many Britons heading there for Euro 2016 (starting 10th June 2016) and their Summer holidays, Green Flag have stated that they have seen a sudden surge in customer calls in France about breaking down. Oddly, this statistic was more than the 82% of Brits who get nervous about missing their flight. It is also larger than the amount of Brits worried about having a job interview (78%), talking to a large crowd (76%) and encountering their future mother and father in-laws (54%).

If you are heading to France this Summer, take a look at Green Flag’s checklist. The checklist offers some tips about what France do differently regarding driving compared to Britain, and rules you should know before setting off. Driving to France checklist.