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Chaos for Calais as French lorry drivers plan blockade

Calais is set for chaos from Monday morning, after French lorry drivers plan to build a blockade.

The blockade is set to bring disruption to Brits, and other travellers, trying to cross The Channel.

The protest is taking place in favour of the demolition of ‘the jungle’ - what some call the migrant camp situated on the outskirts of Calais.

The blockade is set to start on Monday morning, around 7am. Lorry drivers plan to unite in order to block the A16 motorway.

The lorry drivers will be joined by French farmers, shopkeepers, and police unionists, in order to build a ‘human chain.’

Those protesting, feel as though there has been an increase in the number of threats from migrants. In recent weeks, some migrant gangs have been delaying lorries from reaching the port. Some migrant gangs have blocked roads with trees, and other obstacles, in order to gain access to Britain bound vehicles.

Many of the migrants living in the camp have come from war stricken countries, including Sudan and Syria.

Mayor of Calais, Natacha Bouchart, recently visited Kent, and said that she was in favour of the protest, as the situation had become “unbearable.”

The Times reported, that Bouchart said: “There might be chaos and disorder on Monday. This is for a good cause. We want things to change.

There is chaos every day and every night, We want the French government to take its responsibilities and put an end to this particularly difficult time we are facing.”

Bouchart pledged to support the protesters and “show solidarity” to those locally affected.

Numerous efforts have been made in order to decrease the number of migrants living in ‘the jungle,’ however, more than 7,000 migrants are currently living there.