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How much can you end up paying if you don't have travel insurance? - The costs of not having travel insurance

With the holiday season fast approaching, it is essential that all holiday makers ensure they have the correct travel insurance for their trip. Recently, the FCDO launched a campaign to highlight the need for all us to purchase appropriate travel insurance. Whilst it may be considered easier for individuals without medical conditions to find cover, those with pre-existing conditions are the ones most at risk of hefty bills, especially if they are not covered correctly.

If you fail to purchase the correct level of cover then the dangers are clear. The FCDO has released the following examples of the cost of medical treatment abroad:

  • A fractured arm can cost £1,000 in France and Spain to £7,000 in the United States
  • A fractured hip can cost from £15,000 in Spain to £80,000 for an air ambulance in Thailand or the United States
  • A stroke or heart attack repatriation can cost from £15,000 for an air ambulance in France to £90,000 for an air ambulance in the United States

Coming home to extra costs on top of your holiday is not pleasant. It is not mandatory to buy travel insurance but if you choose not to, then you need to think about whether you can afford the costs of medical treatment and repatriation should the need arise. Can you or your family afford the high medical bills or the cost of repatriation?

While the EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) is an essential travel companion, it is not a replacement for travel insurance. Your EHIC will not cover you for repatriation as your travel insurance would and levels of free public healthcare vary greatly between countries. Whether you will still be able to use your EHIC after Brexit is still subject to debate.

When you purchase your travel insurance, make sure that you declare all pre-existing medical conditions even if you are fully recovered and no longer taking medication for the condition. It may be that if you leave something out then you may invalidate your claim or be unable to make a claim. At Direct Travel we aim to make this process run as smoothly and easily as possible for you whether you make your purchase online or by contacting our friendly UK based call centre. We only ask a few questions regarding your condition so that we can assess the risk and make sure you have the appropriate level of cover.

Direct Travel offer very competitive rates for travellers with and without pre-existing medical conditions.