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76 Dead After Plane Crashes in Colombia with Brazilian Football Team On Board

A plane has crashed in Colombia, with a Brazilian football team on board, killing 76 people.

The LaMia plane was flying from Bolivia to Medellin International Airport, Colombia, when it reportedly had electrical failures, while approaching the airport.

The passenger plane, which was carrying 81 people crashed in Cerro Gordo, just before midnight local time.

22 of the 81 people on board were players of Chapecoense Football Team, a top team in Brazil.

76 people are reported to have died, with 5 surviving the incident. 1 passenger did survive, but later died in hospital.

Mountainous terrain, and poor weather conditions, made rescue operations difficult, and the site only reachable by land.

The area of the crash has recently been hit by heavy rain, hindering access to the site.

The team were on their way to compete in the Copa Sudamericana final on Wednesday, against Medellin team Atletico Nacional.

Activities related with the final have since been suspended.

A statement released by the Brazilian football confederation said: “Already, we express our solidarity and we direct our prayers to the passengers and crew of the flight.”