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Tourists shun France after terror security fears

Due to recent terror attacks in France, the occupancy rates of hotels in Paris have dropped significantly compared to last year’s figures.

The drop, which sees the occupancy levels decrease to more than half of last year’s figures, is due to tourists ditching France due to fears over the country's levels of security.

130 people were killed in Paris back in November after a series of co-ordinated attacks.

A further 85 people were killed in Nice in July as a lorry driver ploughed into a crowd of people on Bastille Day admiring the fireworks.

As the tourism industry plays a vital part in the French economy, the government have promoted a plan in order to boost the country’s tourism levels. The plan looks at showing that France is a secure location for tourists.

Additional armed police and soldiers have recently been brought in to popular French tourist destinations and beaches in order to reassure travellers that they are safe. However, the release of these recent figures shows that tourists haven’t taken to the government’s reassurance.

Jean-Pierre Nadir, from Easyvoyage, said that tourists were put off of France for a number of reasons, not just terrorism:

“Protests by taxi drivers and opponents of labour reforms, and strikes by rails workers and refuse collectors during the European football championships also tarnished the image of France.”

New rules have been introduced across some French beaches, where backpacks are now banned. Canne, a city in the south of France, have now banned backpacks “which could conceal… weapons or explosive substances.”

Fines could be issued to those who refuse to follow the new rules along with being told to depart the beach altogether.