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Warning Issued by Government Following British Adventure Tourism Deaths in Vietnam

The Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office has issued a warning regarding the risks of adventure tourism to British Nationals when travelling in Vietnam.

Adventure tourism is a form of tourism that involves travelling to secluded destinations to partake in extreme outdoor activities, such as: zip-lining, trekking, rock climbing, and bungee jumping.

The FCDO updated their page on Monday: “Since 2016, a number of British and foreign visitors have died while engaging in adventure tourism in rural areas.

“Some terrain can be hazardous and very remote from rescue services of any kind.

“Safety standards are generally lower than in the UK and compliance varies.

“Illegal tour guides are known to offer activities which may be forbidden by local regulations, at much lower prices than legitimate guides, including a number of reports from the Dalat/Datanla area.

“You should follow safety guidelines and procedures.

“Don’t stray off main paths or routes and where appropriate take a reputable guide and follow their advice.

“Make sure that your travel insurance covers your planned activity fully.”

The FCDO state, each year, British nationals make more than 200,000 trips to Vietnam, with most of these being trouble-free.

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