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New device introduced to make sure your luggage no longer goes missing

An airline has revealed that it will introduce a new luggage tracking device.

Delta airlines, who are based in Atlanta, have revealed that they will welcome a new tracking device in order to monitor their customer’s luggage, in the hopes of reducing the amount lost.

In order to trace its customer’s luggage more efficiently, the airline said it will use Radio Frequency Identification chips. The chips will be attached to the traveller’s luggage using a paper tag, in order to keep track of its whereabouts.

Delta revealed that they would be investing $50 million into its original luggage tracking system, back in April. The current system consists of scanning each barcoded tag on each piece of luggage.

This new system will mean conveyer belts will have sensors in order to detect the chips. A green light will flash on the conveyer belt if the bag is on the correct course, and a red light will flash if it is not. This way, the luggage handlers can redirect the bags to their correct planes.

As airlines spend thousands of pounds every year on lost luggage, Delta hope that the introduction of the chip will help to reduce the amounts of lost luggage.

According to NBC news, aviation expert, Brett Snyder, said: “The airlines have been doing better in general when it comes to mishandled bags, but this is going to help significantly.

“Things really go off the rails when you have storms and you have bags scattered everywhere.

Over the past few years, you’ve seen airlines going behind the scenes to focus on better operating and handling.”

The chip technology is already in use in various other different industries. It is used in: the hotel industry in order to make sure towels and linens do not get lost; in libraries in order to monitor the whereabouts of books; and in care homes to monitor vulnerable patients.