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Climate-Conscious Travel Guide - Part 5: What To Do

We want to talk about ‘slow travel’. It’s all about really immersing yourself in the local vibes, community, and culture, putting less strain on your environment, and moving away from fast-paced, see-it-all tourism.

You’ll leave a much smaller carbon footprint by spending your holiday doing two or three things you’re really interested in, rather than rushing through everything you think you should be interested in.

It’s also about giving back to the communities you visit - remember, you’re a guest in someone else’s home. Follow the local rules, be mindful of littering, and leave the places as beautiful as you found them. A big part of responsible travel is also to keep your money local. Amazingly, almost 90% of tourism spendings don’t end up in the local community, and instead find their way into the pockets of big global companies. So keep it small and shop authentically, eat at locally-owned restaurants, and as a general rule for life, be kind and respectful to whoever you come across. Consider if you actually need to buy souvenirs as well - does Auntie Kathy need another beaded bracelet with her name on it? Don’t contribute to the world’s waste problem if you don’t have to.

If you did fancy taking part in a tourist excursion, double-check who you’re booking with. Many companies will greenwash you into spending your money on their services, but if they’re not transparent about their eco-practices it’s probably worth doing some more research. And finally, one more tiny tip: don’t collect brochures and maps willy-nilly! Even if you need one, keep it in good condition and return it to the pile once you’re done with it.

So, the next time you travel, will you make an effort towards making it eco-friendly, sustainable, and climate-conscious? If you want to do your bit, consider the following:

  1. Where will you travel?
  2. Where will you travel?
  3. How will you travel?
  4. How can you pack lighter?
  5. How can you pack greener?
  6. How with you travel internally?
  7. What are you genuinely interested in?
  8. Where is your food coming from?
  9. Are you being greenwashed?
  10. Will Kathy really wear her 14th bracelet from Spain?

7th May 2024