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Where to go for Half-term Heat?

September 2016

After some holiday heat over the half-term, but not wanting to fly halfway across the world? We may have a solution for you! Here are our top picks of countries that are still sizzling in October, and are no longer than 6 hours away!

Cape Verde

Just under a six hour flight away, Cape Verde is a small archipelago of desert islands in the Atlantic Ocean, off the west coast of Africa.

Pleasant all year round, Cape Verde is a perfect destination to escape the miserable British weather in October, with an average temperature of around 27 °C. Untouched white sand beaches, which could be foolishly mistaken for those in the Caribbean, surround the coastal areas, with small towns and villages more inland, yet to be disturbed by tourism.

The group of islands are currently booming in the tourism industry, as it seems that they offer the best of both worlds - lounging on the beach holidays, and adventure holidays - perfect for all the family!

Average Temperature: 27 °C

Flight Duration: 5 hours 55 minutes


Seeking all year round sunshine? Lanzarote is a great family friendly holiday location, with an average October temperature of 27 °C. Part of the Canary Islands, situated just off the west coast of Africa, the island sees minimal rainfall, due to its relatively flat nature. Home to some of the best beaches in the Canaries, including a handful of trusted Blue Flag Beaches, the island is also well known for its black sand beaches. The black sand helps to retain the sun's heat, keeping the beaches pleasantly warm in the autumnal months.

Average Temperature: 27 °C

Flight Duration: 4 hours 11 minutes


Morocco has a more comfortable average temperature of 21 °C in October. The destination is perfect for families, as you can experience beach holidays in Agadir, city breaks in Marrakech, and adventuring breaks through the Atlas Mountains. The coastal areas are lined with a ribbon of stunning beaches and crystal clear waters, while the towns and cities are immersed in a rich and intricate traditional culture.

Average Temperature: 21 °C

Flight Duration: 3 hours 27 minutes


Just over a four hour flight away, Cyprus can definitely provide short haul half-term sunshine! With an enjoyable average October temperature of 22 °C, Cyprus is perfect for some autumnal heat! Due to its location, the island, situated in the Eastern Mediterranean, just south of Turkey, and north of Egypt, provides subtropical climates. The island boasts long strips of golden sand, crystal clear waters, and many blue flag rated beaches, including popular Pissouri Beach, Protaras Beach, and Coral Bay Beach. The beaches of Cyprus provide an assortment of activities to keep the kids entertained, including pedalos, banana boats, and kayaking, while you sit back, relax, and take in the autumnal sun.

Average Temperature: 22 °C

Flight Duration: 4 hours 8 minutes

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