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Best Spring Breaks for
Sports Enthusiasts


For some people, the idea of lazing on a beach for a week is bliss.
For some, it's a nightmare.

While certain people relish the idea of doing nothing on holiday, others go away to do the opposite, be it for a particular sport or an exciting experience.

Sports enthusiasts and active types are more likely to top up their tan by running a foreign marathon, not from laying by the pool. This spring, take a break with a difference.

Scuba diving in Egypt

Egyptian resorts Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada are renowned for their sensational coral reefs and marine life; ideal for those who want to explore a world beneath the waves this Spring.

The good thing about these areas is that they are not too far away to fly (approximately 5 hours), but they are far enough to ensure that the water is warm when you get there!

Most diving operators take you out for a full day on a boat with two dives included. Some offer the option to purchase a third. From Sharm el Sheikh, you can explore the Ras Nasrani and Ras Bob, the Temple rock and Ras Umm Sid. Expect to see all manner of fascinating creatures, from angel fish, barracuda and tuna to the occasional shark and sting rays.

Scuba Diving Eygpt

A late season ski trip

Even though the ski season is coming to an end, there are still plenty of places left to catch some late snow - perfect for ski-hungry adrenaline junkies.

To find the best conditions you have two options, according to Skyscanner: go to the north of Europe or book a trip to one of the higher ski resorts.

Europe's highest ski resort Val Thorens is one place where you can keep skiing well into spring, whereas Scandinavian countries such as Sweden and Finland also offer good options.

In an attempt to get in late-season skiers and keep business ticking over, many tour agents will offer great deals, so it can work out cheaper as well.

Ski Trip Snowboard

Cycle trips to Europe

Spring is a great time to saddle up and hit the road on two wheels in western Europe. Depending on where you go, there's a good chance the weather will be fine but not too stifling yet.

The 41-mile Amsterdam loop in the Netherlands is popular with many cyclists and you can get there easily from the UK on the ferry or the Eurostar.

For a more intense trip, Bolzano to Verona in Italy is a great ride and you can pretty much guarantee great weather for the duration. This one takes around six days and spans nearly one hundred miles, so it should only be taken on by serious riders - the scenery is breathtaking.

London to Paris is also a popular one, which also takes in the London to Brighton route - a decent cycle that mainly uses the national cycle paths.

Hiking in Gran Canaria

The Canary Islands' beautiful beaches and year-round warm weather have long made them a popular place to take a break. However, their strange and wonderful terrain also means that the Canaries are great places to visit for an active hiking holiday.

Gran Canaria, in particular, has become something of a hiking hotspot in recent years, with avid walkers flocking over to tackle its varied landscape.

From the arid sand dunes in the south to its mountainous interior and the verdant forests of the north, the island is blessed with some truly stunning routes to navigate.

And for when you fancy a day off, the beaches aren't too bad either.

Hiking Gran Canaria

Run a foreign marathon

Marathon season gets well under way during the spring months and Europe plays host to some really great races.

Milan, Paris, Madrid and Hamburg all have theirs in April while Rotterdam and Siracusa also offer races. During May, the Stockholm, Copenhagen, Dubrovnik and Geneva marathons all take place.

While these events generally fill up fast, you may be able to get involved through a charity. However, you will be required to raise some money if you enter in this way.

Whatever kind of trip you are thinking about, make sure you have the right kind of travel insurance in place.

It's worth bearing in mind that additional premiums may be required depending on what type of activity you're undertaking. Please feel free to give us a call on 0330 880 3600 to confirm.