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Packing Hacks To Make Your Packing Process A ‘Walk In The Park’

Going away this Summer and worrying about packing? Then we are here to the rescue! With our packing hacks and tips to help make your packing process a ‘walk in the park,’ you will be a packing genius in no time!

1. Roll your clothes -

When putting your clothes into your case, make sure you roll your clothes rather than fold them. This will help to create more space in your suitcase for other necessities. Rolling them also helps to prevent creases!

2. Put your shoes in carrier bags -

No one wants to open their case to find that there's dirt all over their brand new holiday clothes from the bottom of their shoes. In order to prevent this from happening to you this summer, place all of your shoes in carrier bags. This way the dirt is contained in the bag, and won’t affect your clothes!

Vintage Shoes3. Place a tumble dryer sheet in your case -

Placing a tumble dryer sheet in your case will allow your holiday clothes to smell lovely and fresh once you've reached your destination. Maybe the smell of a summers breeze will get you in the holiday mood!

4. Put all of your cables in a glasses case -

With all of our gadgets that we take away with us these days, each one seems to need a different charging cable. So in order to keep your cables tangle free this summer, place them into a glasses case before packing them. This will allow you to spend more time enjoying your holiday, rather than spending hours untangling all of you cables.

Apple Smartphone5. Place a belt in all of your collars -

If you are going on a business trip, or are taking smart shirts on holiday, try placing a coiled belt inside the collar when packing them. A coiled belt will keep your collars structured and looking their best.

Clothing Waist Belt6. Put your jewellery in a pill container -

As well as tangled cables, no one wants to be spending their holiday untangling their jewellery - this is where a pill container comes in handy. By placing each necklace or bracelet in each separate pill container, it will stop them from getting tangled. These are also handy to put rings in, as they keep them all in one place!

7. Decant your products -

A top tip of ours is to purchase some decanting pots. These are especially handy if you have a certain weight limit or liquid allowance to stick to! Decanting pots allow you to decant your full sized toiletry products into the hand luggage rule abiding 100ml sized pots, rather than having to pay a small fortune for miniature sized products. If you pack full sized toiletry products in your hand luggage, then they will be seized at security, as they are forbidden on any airplane.

8. Use your shoes and bags as extra storage -

Being able to squeeze as much as you can into your case is important, so why waste any vital space? Fill your empty shoes and bags with other items, such as socks, and underwear, in order to make the most of that often wasted space!

Shoes on the Floor9. Prevent your powdered makeup from breaking -

There’s a no worse feeling than buying a new blusher for your holiday and opening your case to find that it has broken in transit. So to help prevent this from happening to you, place some cotton wool or a cotton pad between the lid and the product to help take any impact if it were to take a bashing when travelling.

Girl Fashion10. Make a packing list -

Most travellers pack far more than they actually need. So to make this process easier try making a packing list of essentials such as clothes, underwear, shoes, and your toothbrush etc. Start with your absolute essentials at the top of the list and your least essentials at the bottom of the list. Work your way down your list crossing each thing off when you pack it into your suitcase, allowing you to prioritise what you need most. Attempt to wear your bulkier items of clothing on board the plane, such as a jumper and trainers and pack the lighter items, such as flip flops, in your suitcase.

Apple Notebook

Following these packing hacks and tricks, will make you a packing genius in no time at all!

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