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21 things to do before going on a road trip

Road trips can require a lot of preparation, so here are 21 things to do before you set off.

  • 1 - Make sure you always carry cash for tolls
  • 2 - Think of some in-car games to play
  • 3 - Ensure you have a spare car key
  • 4 - Get your vehicle serviced about a week before the trip
  • 5 - Make sure you have an alternative driver so you can swap regularly
  • 6 - Ensure that everyone planned to drive the vehicle is insured on it
  • 7 - Make sure you have sufficient travel insurance
  • 8 - Research the countries drink driving limits
  • 9 - Research driving in the countries you intend to drive through, as road laws can often dramatically differ from country to country.
  • 10 - Map out your route
  • 11 - Take a physical paper map as well as a SatNav
  • 12 - Keep up-to-date with local travel news
  • 13 - Ensure you have the correct documents needed for each country, including your driving licences full vehicle registration documents.
  • 14 - Make sure everyone has an EHIC
  • 15 - Allow time for unexpected occurrences - traffic, diversions, getting lost etc.
  • 16 - If you intend to travel with animals, make sure you research the rules about travelling with pets in each country you intend to go to.
  • 17 - Make sure you invest in a car GB sticker
  • 18 - Think about how you pack your vehicle and try to take as little luggage as possible. This will help to keep space for if you intend to bring anything back home with you.
  • 19 - Make sure you have enough playlists prepared for the entire duration of the trip.
  • 20 - Take a first aid kit with all of the essentials - painkillers, plasters, insect repellent etc.
  • 21 - Take a sufficient supply of food and drink
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