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Advantages of Getting Married Abroad

June 2016

Debating on getting married abroad? Take a look at our top five reasons as to why you should have an overseas wedding.

1. Not as traditional

If you want your wedding to be unique and one to remember, you may not want to go down the traditional church and white dress route. Getting married abroad offers so many different cultural and traditional opportunities. Greeks have a wedding tradition of when the couple are taking their first dance, they attach money onto the bride! And in France, brides take a long bath on the day of their wedding to wash away any thoughts of her past lovers.

marriage married marry2. Money

With the average price of a British wedding costing a jaw-dropping £24,000, and the average foreign wedding costing only £6,500, it is no surprise that getting married abroad is on the up. One in four couples now wed abroad. And with airlines currently battling to have the cheapest tickets, what’s not to love…?

3. Unique experiences

Having an overseas wedding will allow you and your loved one to experience different opportunities that wouldn't normally be available to you at home. You could have photos taken in the crystal clear Caribbean Sea after the ceremony, or have a beach party on the whites sand of Jamaica, whilst the sun sets across the horizon. These unique opportunities will create long lasting and cherished memories.

4. Location

One of the main reasons Brits decide to have an overseas wedding is to avoid the infamous, temperamental, British weather. Even if you were to book a summer wedding in August, it is still difficult to predict a rare day where the weather is sunny! So why not pick a foreign location, such as sunny Santorini or picturesque St. Lucia, in order to have stunning weather guaranteed?

5. Friends and family

One of the hardest things about planning a wedding is the invitations. Where to cut off who is coming and who isn’t. However, the benefit of marrying abroad is that it allows you to invite a smaller and closer bunch of friends and family. Only the closest will take time off work and pay for their flights and hotels!

proposal rings

Our top 5 European destinations to get married:

  1. Greece
  2. Italy
  3. France
  4. Malta
  5. Spain

Our top 5 tropical destinations to get married:

  1. Jamaica
  2. St. Lucia
  3. Mauritius
  4. Dominican Republic
  5. Aruba
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