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5 Ski Resort Pastimes For Non-Skiers

Why would you go on holiday to a ski resort, if you don’t ski or snowboard? It’s probably because your partner, loved ones, or other travel companions absolutely love it! But don’t worry, it’s definitely possible to enjoy a ‘winter sports holiday’ without taking part. Here are five reasons why non-skiers shouldn’t spend their time waiting or wishing winter sports were their thing.

Lap Up The Luxury

This one’s a given, right? You’re at a ski resort in the middle of the Alps and you’re waiting for your travel partner to get back down from the slopes so you can go for dinner. Trouble is, it’s only 10am and you’ve never been more bored. Well, it’s a good job you’ve booked a place with a spa! Head downstairs, check yourself in, and go grab yourself a mimosa before you start. Pair with some chocolate-covered strawberries (other snacks are available), and sit back in the mountain-top bar, sunglasses on, gazing out across the slopes as people zoom past those floor-to-ceiling windows. Get a massage, put on a face pack, sit in the sauna for hours - treat yourself! After all, how much were those ski passes?

Get Off Resort

Now, not all ski resorts have this option. Quite often, resorts are self-contained complexes situated near - or amongst - mountain ranges suited to skiers, snowboarders, and other winter sports enthusiasts. There are some ski resorts however, like Kranjska Gora in Slovenia, which make it easy to get away from it all. The journey to Ljubljana is around an hour long by bus, which is also the cheapest way to get there. You can also visit Martuljek Falls or Lake Bled, both about half an hour away. Take a day away from the slopes - soak up the natural beauty your chosen area of the world has to offer.

Sleigh The Word

The later ski season lends itself to a host of extra-curricular activities if your travel companion fancies a couple of hours away from their ski gear. One of these is the opportunity to ride through wintery wonderlands on a horse-drawn sleigh. A sleigh ride is the perfect opportunity to wrap up warm, pack a flask, and absorb the no-doubt impressive views your ski resort has to offer. Catch the morning beams across powder snow, or take a night ride by lamplight - whether you’re away with your loved one or travelling with a group of mates, there’s something relaxing and beautiful about the simplicity of horse hooves on snow. Make sure you do your research if your heart jumps at the idea - this activity is most commonly found in Austria or Italy, unless you go big and take a trip to the USA.

Go Low Impact

Ok, so you’re not that averse to all winter sports. Of course there are plenty of activities you can take part in without hurtling down a snow-capped mountain at a 45 degree angle. You can go hiking in deep snow (snowshoe walking), ice skating on actual frozen lakes or dedicated rinks, or even take part in the age-old amusement of speeding on a sledge (tobogganing). You don’t have to be proficient in having boards strapped to your feet to get the most out of your ski resort.

Cosy Up

Ah, cosying up. The thing we Brits do best. Loungewear, fluffy socks, plenty of cushions, a quilt, a blanket, a throw, and a good book or TV show. Maybe a candle or two. Oh! And room service, obviously.

11th December 2023