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5 Ways Every ‘Workaholic’ Can Switch Off From Work on Holiday

Going on holiday and wanting to make the most of your time off? If you’re a ‘workaholic,’ don’t let work get in the way of you enjoying your holiday! Follow our guide, and switch off from you daily duties!

A Proper Handover is Key

When going away, ensuring you handover your work properly, can play a big part in helping you to switch off. On your last day of work, sit down with your handover college, and go through everything of yours that they will have to be doing while you are away. In order to keep it simple for them, and to reduce the number of phone calls and emails you may receive, sit them down and run through everything face to face. Creating a quick and easy manual, full of arrows and screenshots, is also a good idea, as your colleague can then refer back to it if they have any queries, rather than disturbing you.

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Switch on Your Out of Office

Switching on your Out of Office, will let the people trying to contact you, know politely that you are away from your desk, and that you won’t be responding to their email right away. Many Out of Offices will allow you to insert a ‘back in the office’ date, for when you are next available to be contacted. Ensure that you put your handover colleague as a contact into your message, so that any important emails will get passed on for your handover colleague to deal with, rather than sitting in your inbox for 2 weeks.

Don’t Feel Guilty

It is important not to feel guilty that you are away from your job! You are entitled to your time off! Don’t let work spoil your trip away, by thinking about it constantly! Try to focus solely on your holiday, and return to work fresh faced, tanned, and revitalised!

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Say Goodbye to Notifications

With work notifications popping up every few minutes, it can often make it harder to fend off the habit of ‘having’ to reply to emails and calls. Say goodbye to your notifications, by switching them off as soon as you step out of the office door, and not switching them on until your return.

Colleagues Expectations

Remember that your colleagues do not anticipate to hear from you while you are away. They do not expect emails, calls, and texts! Contacting them at every chance you get can show them that you are not enjoying your time off, and will not be revitalised and refreshed for when you get back to work.

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