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5 Alternative Christmas
Holiday Ideas


When Christmas time rolls around, some people love nothing more than getting the decorations out, setting up the tree and settling down in front of the fire while the snow gently falls outside.

However, if you’ve had your fill of the age-old traditions and fancy something new this year, the festive period is also a great time to travel.

A Christmas trip can be a welcome break from the Queen’s speech, overdone turkey and terrible gifts that make you think ‘do these people even know me?’

Here are a few alternatives that give you the chance to hang your stockings somewhere new this year!

Rio de Janeiro

As a predominantly Roman Catholic country, the Brazilians take Christmas very seriously. But instead of sipping bucks fizz in your dressing gown while you open your presents, you could be sat on Copacabana beach with a Caipirinha in hand.

This city loves a party at any time of the year and the festive period is no different. Prepare for huge street celebrations, firework displays and plenty of religious-themed parades.

Rio De Janiro

New York

Although you won’t be escaping the cold, The Big Apple is definitely a fantastic option for a Christmas break. The USA rarely holds back when it comes to a celebration and so New York’s streets are awash with festive lights and decorations for the whole December period.

With transatlantic flights to the city a common commodity from most major UK airports, making the trip across the pond is a great way to liven up your Christmas.

Try outdoor ice skating at the iconic Central Park or visit the Rockefeller Center and take in the Christmas magic. The city that never sleeps is a great place to visit all year round but when its streets are covered in snow, New York omits a festive charm that’s difficult to beat.

New York City


If you’re looking to avoid the cold at all costs, then Greece could be a great shout for you and your family. During the Christmas period, Athens is fairly devoid of tourists and so you can really take in the charms of this magnificent city.

Without massive crowds, tourist pricing and intense heat you can pretty much explore at your own leisure.

It will be a little cooler during the winter season, but Greece’s Mediterranean location ensures that you won’t be worrying about clearing out the driveway to your apartment with a snow shovel!

Athens Greece

Family ski holiday

If you are still keen keep the festive spirit but want to try something new over Christmas, why not consider a family ski holiday? Many of Europe’s top destinations have their best snow over December, ensuring you’ll have a ready-made winter wonderland to enjoy immediately.

No matter what your level, skiing is a great way to spend time with your loved ones and classes are available for all abilities at most of the top resorts.

Not surprisingly, popular spots like the Alps can get pretty busy around this period so it’s best to get in early if you fancy hitting the slopes this Christmas.

Family Ski Holidays


Melbournians are known to love sport of almost any kind, and it is reflected in this multi-use stadium which is used for everything from soccer to athletics.

However, it's not the Aussie rules or the football codes we are interested in, we are here for the rugby.

Due to the fact that there is a roof, the noise is all but sealed in which makes for an incredible din.

Add in that the Etihad is only a walk away from the trendy bars of the Yarra's Southbank and you're on to a winner. Sink a few cold ones to combat the heat and get ready for some ruggers down under.

Lapland Holiday