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Get The Most Out Of Your Mini Break

A mini break is called a mini break for a reason - you don’t get much time! So in order to get the most out of your next mini break, we are here with our top tips on how to max out on your short amount of time!

Plan, plan, plan and plan again!

As you only have a couple of days, it is crucial that you get the most out of the short time you are away. In order to max out, do your research before you are set to travel. Perhaps you could gather with the people you’re going with, and research public transport stops near your accommodation, the best restaurants near you, local tourist destinations, and what the shopping facilities and nightlife are like. Researching answers to these questions will mean you a prepared to jump right into your mini break, rather than having a day or so to ‘settle in.’

coffee meeting business trip holidayBattle off the jet lag

You only have a couple of days, so you don’t want to spend half of them catching up on some ‘Z’s.’ Our advice would be don’t go too far for your mini-break. Try to keep your mini-break under a 4-hour flight away, as this will help you not to experience the dreaded jet lag, giving you more time to explore!

time clock sleep jet lag holiday experienceAssess your packing method

Although you may have bought a whole new summer wardrobe for your 3-day trip away, realistically (and we hate to be the party pooper around here) you don’t really need 42 planned outfits.

Rather than paying for luggage you don’t really need, try travelling with just your hand luggage (the horror!). Travelling with just your hand luggage can save both time and money when going on a short trip. In order to get the most out of your small baggage allowance try rolling your clothes rather than folding them. This method helps to create more space in your case for other necessities. Rolling them also helps to prevent creases (always a winner!)

As most travellers pack far more than they really need, making a packing list could be beneficial. Write a list of what you wish to take with you, then number these starting at one with how much of a priority they really are. Work your way down the list, crossing each item off once it has been packed.

For more ways of how to travel light - check out our blog post here:

holiday pack light outfitThink about where you are staying

As you want to get the most out of your mini-break, you will need to stay in an area with lots around you. Staying in the middle of nowhere will mean you will end up spending the majority of your trip travelling. Before booking your hotel, research what is around it and what the transport it like (taxi’s, busses, trains etc.). Hiring a car is a good route to take if you are wanting to maximise your time as much as possible, as it means you have the freedom to go wherever you want, when you want.

land marks usa sky scraperMerge your day’s off

We all want to be able to take as much holiday as possible, so in order to get more holidays out of your tight holiday allowance from work, try merging the days you take off with weekends and bank holidays. This allows you to have shorter holidays throughout the year (rather than one long 2 weeks one), and allows you to see more of the world.

swimming pool top 5

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