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National Hiking Day: Friday 17th November

Every year on the 17th of November, experienced ramblers and short walk enthusiasts alike pay homage to trails and treks across the world, on National Hiking Day. Direct Travel recognises the beauty of a good wander, from small hour-long circular walks in the Lake District, all the way up to the five month backpacking quest of the Pacific Coast Trail. Whichever your preference, if you're planning on getting away, take a hike, with these trails:

The Crawford Path (New Hampshire, USA)

The Crawford Path was established in the early 1800s, by Abel Crawford and his son, Ethan. Thought to be one of the  oldest hiking trails in the United States, it stretches for 8.5 miles and runs through the White Mountains of New Hampshire. At the summit of Mount Washington, hikers are set for a spectacular landscape of mountain ranges, lakes, and valleys - and on a clear day, it's even possible to make out five different US states!

Laugavegur Trail (Landmannalaugar, Iceland)

Iceland might not necessarily be the first place that comes to mind when you think of your classic trail. But rest assured, this 3-day hike is renowned for its breathtaking views and scenic diversity. Colourful rhyolite mountains, black sand deserts, luscious valleys, geothermal hot springs - what more could a trekker ask for?

Kew Mae Pan Nature Trail (Chiang Mai, Thailand)
A popular destination for gap year-ers and seasoned travellers alike, Chiang Mai plays host to the Kew Mae Pan Nature Trail, situated at Thailand’s highest peak. The hike is short - just 1.7 miles - but it’s considered one of the best jungle treks in southern Thailand, renowned for its natural vibrancy and pristine views. Hikers can expect a huge variety of flora, fauna, and wildlife, alongside dense rainforests, and stunning crystal waterfalls.

Tongariro Alpine Crossing (Mangatepopo Valley, New Zealand)
This trail is heralded to be one of the best day hikes in New Zealand. At 12 miles long, the hike boasts 800 metres of ascent, meaning hikers should be ready for a difficult but rewarding adventure. The iconic emerald lakes are nestled amongst miles of volcanic landscape, provided by Mount Ngauruhoe, and are complimented by the endless natural beauty of the North Island.

Your Local Area (Anywhere, Everywhere)
Choose your own path, and walk at your own pace - National Hiking Day is not about where you’re going, but how you get there. Whether you take a stroll through nearby fields, pop over to the next county for a weekend of short trails, or take part in an epic coast-to-coast expedition, get out there, get lost, and take a hike.

17th November 2023