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Top January
Travel Destinations


Although January is often associated with being a frugal time after all that festive spending, the holiday market is actually full of bargains for you to take advantage of.

Indeed, with a little planning and foresight, you could be jetting off to warmer climes while the rest of the country languishes in sleet, snow and generally horrible weather.

But where is there to go during January? Obviously, that depends on your budget and the type of holiday you want.

If skiing isn't your thing and you need a little sunshine to unwind after dealing with your in-laws all Christmas then there are plenty of options available. Here are a few ideas to get you thinking!

Goa, India

If you have the time to take two weeks out and don’t mind the longer flight then Goa is a great January destination.

Travel prices to get there may be at the standard level but once you arrive it’s very, very cheap. The coast stretches for almost 120 kilometres and is home to wonderful beaches, fantastic resorts and plenty of action.

If you want a more relaxing time in Goa, head further south where the prices drop even further and the heritage of this tiny Indian state is more apparent.

Goa India

Iguazu Falls, Brazil

This spectacular natural wonder lies on the borders of Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay and, again, if you are not bothered by longer travel times and have two weeks free, a trip to South America is well worth it.

To truly take in the sheer scale of this series of waterfalls, you will need to visit it from both the Argentine and Brazilian sides.

While Brazil boasts the longer stretches of waterfall, Argentina has the ‘Devil’s Throat’, a U-shaped area of the falls where half of the river’s water flows. As you walk out to the viewing platform, you will be completely engulfed by the sheer noise and raw power of the waterfall.

The climate will be warm here as the summer is only just getting going, so pack your shorts and sun cream!

Iguazu Falls Brazil

The Canary Islands

A little closer to home, you can find plenty of sun in the Canary Islands and that’s exactly what many Brits will be doing this winter.

From trekking the volcanic landscape of Lanzarote to sunning yourself in Tenerife, this Spanish archipelago has plenty to offer all kinds of holidaymakers.

As well as being varied and hot, the islands are only around 4 hours away, making them perfect for a long weekend or an extended break.


The Red Sea

This is another great place for some winter sun and the resorts here are well equipped to help you relax after a hectic Christmas period.

There’s watersports, incredible hotels and great beaches to be found at the likes of Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada, where the recent troubles of Cairo shouldn’t be an issue for holidaygoers.

You will also have the opportunity to snorkel and dive around the fantastic coral reefs that are located in Sharm. Beneath the waves you will find a rainbow of colours provided by shoals of tropical fish and the vivid coral reefs themselves.

With an average temperature of 22 degrees C, the weather doesn’t hit the heights of some other destinations in January but we can promise there won’t be any snow at all!

The Red Sea