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Say Goodbye to Mosquito Bites

When abroad, if you suffer, like many other Brits, from mosquito bites, then we are here to save the day, with our top 5 natural ways to keep away the mosquitoes this summer.

Wear Suitable Clothing

One of the main ways to prevent from being bitten by mosquitoes is to keep covered up. The more skin you cover, the less likely you are to get bitten. Although mosquitoes are usually found in humid and tropical climates, we don’t mean for you to wear heavy jumpers and jeans to protect yourself. Loose flowing, baggy, long sleeved tops, and flowy long bottoms are perfect to keep the mosquitoes away in hot climates. For when you are around the pool or beach, kaftans and bikini cover-ups are a good way to keep that little more covered up. Try to steer clear of skin tight clothes, as mosquitoes can often bite through them, especially if they are made of a thin material. Wearing baggier and loose-fitting clothes also allows you to keep cooler, deterring the mosquitoes, as they are often attracted to hot skin.

Use Citronella Candles

Burning citronella candles around your hotel room or on your balcony can help to deter mosquitoes. Made from citronella plants, the candles have a mild aroma, which helps to keep the mosquitoes away, resulting in less bites.

CandlesSteer Clear of Stagnant Water

Many mosquitoes like to lay their eggs around stagnant water, and tend to live in the same area as to where they were born. In order to prevent being bitten by mosquitoes, ensure that you avoid any sort of stagnant water. Stagnant water can include ponds, lakes, puddles, swamps etc.

Twilight LakeUse Vicks

Traditionally, Vicks has always been used to treat colds. However, there has recently been a craze around the vast amount of uses that the vapour rub can be used for. As well as being used to get rid of headaches, soothe achy muscles, and help to prevent cats from scratching the furniture, Vicks can also be used as a mosquito repellent! Apply a small amount of the product to your skin or clothes to deter the pests. The potent smell keeps the mosquitoes away, however, if you do find yourself being bitten, a small amount of Vicks placed upon the bite can also help to reduce the itching.

Garlic Spray

The strong odour of garlic has been said to put off pesky mosquitoes! In order to make a handy garlic spray to keep with you in your bag, simply press some cloves of garlic, and mix the results with water. Once mixed, pour into a bottle with a spray lid, and spray over your skin and clothes. It is safe to spray on your skin and does not contain any chemicals.

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