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How to Banish Your Holiday Stresses

March 2017

Find yourself stressing on holiday, and just want to sit back, relax, and enjoy your trip? Have a stress free holiday, with Direct Travel's top tips!

Book in Advance

It's always a good idea to book your holiday early. Booking a holiday in advance allows you to have the safety of knowing that everything is bought and paid for, preventing any last minute panics. As well as preventing last minute panics, booking your holiday prior to the new season can often work out cheaper, with early booking deals. Early booking deals can often include discounts, free meals, kids go free etc. in order to coax people into booking for the new holiday season ahead.

Purchase Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is such a vital part in any trip, as it acts as a safety blanket. Not only can it cover you if you for medical emergencies, but it can also cover you for loss of belongings, trip cancellation, and even trip delays, all before you've even stepped foot in your destination.

Purchase your travel insurance at the same time you make your holiday booking, so that you can have a worry free holiday, knowing that you are covered with Direct Travel! Don't forget, you can get your travel insurance from Direct Travel at either or ring our friendly UK based team on 0330 880 3600.

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Turn On Your Out of Office

For most, leaving your home without your phone these days would be unimaginable. So this is why our next tip is to switch on your out of office, and turn off any work notifications. Switching on you're out of office and turning off your works notifications will let the people attempting to contact you politely know that you are currently away from your desk, without you even having to lift a finger.

If you worry about how on earth you are going to be able to reply to two weeks' worth of emails once you return, don't! Many out of office response systems will allow you to insert a 'back in the office' date, which informs the people wishing to contact you when you are next available to be contacted. It is also a good idea to insert a colleagues work contact details into your message, so that no important messages will end up sitting in your inbox for a fortnight.

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Save For Spending Money

Saving up plenty of spending money before you travel will allow you not to have to worry about your spending habits while away. So if you want to treat the family to a fancy meal on the last day, or jet ski your way along the coastline, then you can, and have fun doing so, rather than worrying about the pennies!

If you find it difficult to save, try creating an expense break down. An expense break down is an easy and visual way to see where you can cut back on your daily spends, leaving you more money to put into your holiday spending fund. As holidays and trips abroad can often be expensive, why don't you head over to our previous blog post, How to Get Yourself a Cheaper Holiday, where you can find all the top tips you need to get the best holiday for your money.

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Get There Early

Leaving plenty of time with whatever you decide to do on your travels is always a good idea, as running late for can cause unnecessary stress. Arriving early allows time for if things were to go wrong, or if there were to be any unexpected issues or complications. In the highly unlikely event of something going wrong, arriving early allows you time to work out the complications, rather than scrambling around last minute.

If you arrive early and there are no complications, then all you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy your holiday!

And Last, But At No Means Least...

And last, but at no means least... relax. Don't let anything ruin your holiday. Sit back with a good book, and enjoy your time away, stress free!

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Don’t forget, you can get your travel insurance from Direct Travel at either or ring our friendly team on 0330 880 3600.