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Ways to combat homesickness for adults!

Research has shown that up to 70% of all adults have experienced homesickness at some point. From birth we grow attached to people, places and things. Growing up, these bonds get stronger. However, when we have to leave these strong bonds that we have built up for years behind, whether it be a holiday, a business trip, moving abroad, or leaving home, it is normal to miss them. This is because we are leaving our home comforts and being thrown into a totally new situation, with new people, and new places. So here are some of our top tips as how to combat the lousy feeling that is homesickness.

Try to maintain a positive attitude - Thinking positive can help you to feel happy and more uplifted, rather than dwelling on why you don't want to be somewhere. Try: thinking about previous happy memories; looking through your favourite photos on your phone or laptop; skyping or calling your friends and family for reassurance; and writing down at least three positive things that you have learnt or discovered from your day.

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Take food from home - For many people, missing their home comforts such as home cooked meals can play a big part in making them feel homesick. In order to combat this, try taking some of your favourite foods, such as crisps, sweets and other snacks (make sure they are things with a long best before date on.) If you like a good cup of tea, then one of our top tips is to take your favourite British tea bags. This way, if you start to feel slightly anxious, you can have a sip of your favourite tea, giving you a more comfortable and ‘at home’ feeling with your new surroundings.

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Jet lag can also make you feel lonely and miss home - It is common to feel lonely after a long haul flight. This is because everyone in your new surroundings may be asleep, whilst you are wide awake. Endeavour to get your body clock onto the same time zone as the new country you are in as soon as possible, in order to prevent this. Even if you are not overly tired, attempt to sleep when they sleep, or at least read or do some minor work in bed, to try to balance out your body clock. Hopefully, by doing this it will result in you being awake and asleep when everyone around you is, getting rid of any loneliness and sickness feelings.

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Create a countdown - Make a countdown of how many sleeps you have left until you travel home. Making a physical countdown rather than one on you phone or computer is better, as it gives you the satisfaction of crossing each day off, and knowing that you are one day nearer to going home!!

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Keep active! -Keeping active is a good way to distract you from thinking about home. Maybe try: pampering yourself such as having a bubble bath; read, whether it be magazines, books, newspapers or blogs, reading is a good way to pass time; go out and see some of the local history and culture.

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Try finding an English bar/cafe - finding an English bar or cafe will surround you with people from the same place as you, making you feel more comfortable than being in a bar where you don't speak the same language as anyone. Try talking to some of the English people in them as you may find out that you have things in common, making you feel more relaxed as you are discussing something that you know well and are passionate about.

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Although being homesick is a lousy feeling, we hope our top tips will help to combat your homesickness feelings and help you to enjoy your trip.

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