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Family Holiday Essentials

Comprehensive cover – fun for all the family!

The height of summer is just around the corner, so many of us will already have a family holiday booked and firmly in our sights. So, what’s next?

Before you set off on your inevitable shopping trip, do not forget to put organising travel insurance at the very top of your list.

You have your family’s needs covered – but let Direct Travel provide that important travel insurance cover for the whole family!

Covering the family with a comprehensive insurance policy will always be our main priority – but it’s not all you need. Take a look at some more of our holiday essentials to consider before heading off on your next family getaway…

Sun Protection

Sun protection should be non-negotiable wherever you head off on holiday, but it’s more important than ever to be vigilant about protecting yourself and your family against the sun when you’re abroad, where you’re likely to be more exposed to UV rays. Don’t neglect to grab your hats, stock up on the sun cream and stay hydrated, especially if you’re heading to the beach.

Entertainment and Treats

Long journeys and queues – especially in warmer climes – can often lead to a case of the ‘hot strops’! When travelling with children of any age, it always pays to have some tricks up your sleeve, be this a pack of cards, books or a snack. As well as diverting attention away from potential tantrums, bringing along a couple of entertaining items can help to pass the time faster for all family members.

Activity Gear

Whether you’re heading to the beach, the countryside or the slopes, if you’ve got activities planned it saves time and hassle if you can arrive as prepared as possible. Inflatable arm bands, goggles, suitable footwear or a backpack might make the list of things to consider – but if you’ve got space left in your luggage, surely it can’t hurt to sneak in the classic bucket and spade or frisbee?

Clothing – for all Eventualities

Many of us were advised as children to always pack extra socks and underwear, “just in case”, and when it comes to good advice, sometimes the oldies are the best! It’s sensible to pack spares, but within reason it also helps to expect the unexpected, such as changes in the weather or the need to stay longer than planned due to cancellations or delays.

Paperwork and Medical Docs

If you or a member of your family requires medication, you may already be aware that certain drugs require you to produce legal paperwork in some countries. If leaving the medication behind is not an option, you’ll need to ensure you have everything in order ahead of time for smooth transit through security checkpoints or if you need to speak with the authorities.

Government guidance on travelling with controlled drugs.

Travel Insurance and EHICs

If you’ve travelled in Europe before, you may already hold an EHIC (European Health Insurance Card); this card is free and will cover you for healthcare treatment that is medically necessary during your planned stay abroad. The card also covers treatment of some pre-existing conditions – so we would consider this a European holiday essential. It is very important, however, to note that your EHIC is not a valid alternative to travel insurance – it will not cover a huge variety of factors usually included within a comprehensive holiday insurance policy.

Get in touch with Direct Travel’s specialist team to discuss more about what coverage you will need for your next trip away.