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5 Tips for Disabled Travellers When Planning a Trip Abroad

October 2016

When travelling abroad, there are many challenges that travellers with a disability may face. In order to make sure that your trip goes smoothly, here are our 5 tips for disabled travellers when planning a trip abroad.

Travel Insurance

Be sure to take out comprehensive travel insurance that covers all of your needs. Obviously, we are slightly biased when it comes to this point, however taking out travel insurance is a major factor when going abroad. When purchasing travel insurance, it is important that you research the company, before handing over any money. Are they reputable? Will they cover you for everything that you require? If you have any questions about the clarity of what the company will cover when it comes to your disability, then give them a call. It is always better to talk to someone in order to clarify any queries!

Personal Requirements

It is important that your accommodation and airline are aware of your needs, and what you may require. When booking your accommodation, be sure to put in the additional comments box, or tell the travel agent, that you require your room to be on the ground floor, near a lift, or any specific dietary requirements you may have.

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When planning to travel abroad, it is important to make an appointment with your doctor. You may have a disability which could put you at risk of circulation problems when flying, so the doctor may be able to provide you with advice on methods to keep up your blood circulation, and any medication you could take.


If you are taking medication around the time of your trip, it is important that you take enough in order to cover the duration of your time away When planning how much medication you will need to take with you, ensure that you consider delays, and any other factors which could see you needing extra.

If you plan to travel with medication, you should research the ingredients, and whether or not they are legal in your destination. It is important to do this as different countries have different rules on what is legal and what is not. If you contact the embassy, they should be able to provide you with more information.

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Before booking your accommodation, be sure to check out the hotels facilities, and the facilities of the surrounding area, to ensure that they have suitable access for you. If you are a wheelchair user, you may need to research that the surrounding area is well equipped with ramps and lifts, and any other facilities to make your holiday as comfortable as possible.

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