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Our Reasons Why You Need to Learn a New Language

With Mandarin and Spanish beating English as the most spoken languages worldwide, here are 5 reasons as to why you should learn a new language:

It’s an achievement

Conquering a language fluently is a huge achievement. It opens so many more doors for your future, whether it be through travel, your career, your friends, your education etc.

Keys in Door It makes you stand out from the crowd

Many employers now look for whether you speak a foreign language or not as it shows dedication and enthusiasm. Speaking more than one language can also improve your employability. When applying for a job at an international company, if the role consists of often having to deal with foreign clients, you are going to be far more attractive for the role than other candidates who only speaks English. And who knows, you may be able to bring in international business to the company!

Business Woman In Interview It encourages you to respect other cultures

Learning another language allows you to enrich yourself in a culture's food, history, religion, traditions etc in depth. Yes, you could learn about a culture in a text book, however, getting involved with the locals and their ways of life through language, allows you you be much more open minded about their different lifestyles.

Indian Bride It is a great way to meet new people

Having something in common helps to connect people. So it is far easier to make friends and meet new people if you can communicate efficiently together. Being thrown into the deep end is sometimes the best way to learn, so going to bars, restaurants, social clubs and shops will allow you to pick up the language far more quickly than going through a text book.

People at Bar You can travel to new places around the world and feel confident

Travelling round an unfamiliar country and not speaking a word of their language can be extremely daunting. Knowing the language of the country you are in can be a seismic confidence booster, meaning you do not have to worry about getting around the country with as many struggles, such as getting lost.

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